cara mia (my dear)

'cara mia' - $30
Tell her she is special to you... in any language!  
.5" sterling disc stamped with your message, comes with your choice of charms in stock (see charm listing at the bottom of the page).
Shown with blue freshwater pearl.
Comes with your choice of 16" or 18" solid sterling chain necklace,
or 18" solid sterling ballchain necklace.

A few other suggestions:
love you (english :)
my dear (english :)
cara mia- my dear (italian)
amore mio- my love (italian)
tesoro mio- my treasure (italian)
ti amo- i love you (italian)
amore vero- true love (italian)
mon bebe- my baby (french)
mon amour- my love (french)
ma belle- my beautiful (french)
mon lapin- my bunny (french)
ma cherie- my dear (french)
mon amie- my friend (french)